Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New Year, New...Not Much Else, Really

Garter bag in tshirt yarn.
No one tells you this stuff is a work out.
Since resolutions just aren't my thing.  I  never keep them, even when I swear this year will be different and I will go out and exercise more and I'll do this or that or that thing over there.  It seems kind of cheap to lie to myself like that, so I stopped doing it a long time ago.  If I want to work out, I will.  If I want to eat an entire pepperoni pizza with extra cheese, I'll do that, too.

One thing I do want to do this year (but it's not a resolution, keep that in mind) is to finish more things that I start.  I'm horrible about having the itch to start projects on a whim, and then leaving them languishing in a basket.  Or on top of my computer tower.  Or in a box.  Shoved in a dresser drawer.  You know what I mean.  And I seriously doubt I'll ever stop casting on with no thought to how long it's going to take to finish (I have projects sitting around from two years ago, and I admit I need to either shit or get off the pot with them...I guess I should put aside a day for frogging.), I want to finish more.  You can't get rid of stash if the yarn you use ends up frogged and back in your stash, now can you?  And while I mostly think stash busting is a thing that people don't actually do - kind of like I don't believe in people who only drink water or the Easter Bunny - I've realized it's time to admit that perhaps (only perhaps) I may have more yarn than is advisable at this time.  I suppose when it starts invading everyone else's space like Alexander the Great's army on a bender, it's time to take stock and actually do something with it.

Or give it away.  Ha, like that'll ever happen.  You can pry it from my cold, dead hands.

It doesn't help that the Boything is an enabler that provides me with more yarn while simultaneously griping about the skeins and balls and cakes that have to be shuffled about all most of the time.  Hey, look, okay, he can't complain if he's the one that provided the yarn.

For example:  A few days ago he stumbled across yarn on clearance at our local WallyWorld (and while I do enjoy indie yarn, I cannot resist any of it), he put together what he called a 'sampler' pack, which included so much Wool Ease Thick & Quick and  Fettuccini that I literally had to carve out a new spot to keep it in until I could figure out what to do with it.  So who's complaining now.

Luckily it hasn't taken all that long.  That strip of stripy garter stitch up there?  The last of the Fettuccini, destined to be a new bag to haul my crap around in.  I've also gotten a bathroom doily rug and a new pencil case and pen cup out of it, so I consider that to be a success.  And they're finished projects.  No sitting around for months and years while I move on to the next shiny thing that catches my attention.  I'd like to think all I needed to jumpstart my knitting and crochet mojo is some super bulky that produces almost instant gratification but I know, before long, I'll have six different pairs of socks on the needles and the idea to start another.  I  need someone to hold me accountable for this nonsense.

But that's the goal - not resolution! - this year.  To produce more finished objects and clear space in the stash for new yarn.  I want to see more things in my finished basket as opposed to my wip...Everything else.  And maybe on the side I could squeeze in a little jogging or something.  No promises.


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