Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Did I mention I'm addicted to socks? Because I'm addicted to socks.

I said I was going to set aside a day for ripping things back that I know I won't finish, and it should come as no surprise that I still haven't done that.  Frogging is a lot of work and I have a lot of projects that need to be reclaimed and reabsorbed into the stash, and on top of panicking about starting college again (in...seven and change months, self, calm down) along with the gathering of info that requires I just...Haven't been able to force myself to do it yet.

Maybe next week.  Yeah, that sounds good.  (Spoiler:  Unless someone holds me accountable, it probably won't happen then, either.)

Instead, I started another pair of socks (I know, I know, I'm absolutely missing the point here).  But these are special socks, you see.  From a pattern from 1817 which you can find here on Ravelry.  And so far, so good.  They knit up amazingly fast, and I guess I was just craving some simple stockinette knitting in my life or something.
Surprising no one, my phone camera is still terrible.
As you can tell from the awful, blurry picture above, they have a one stitch wide garter 'seam' running down the back of the leg, and that is just the most charming thing to me right now.  There are mirrored 'seams' on the foot, as well.  Or...Will be, when I get that far.  In truth, I'm pretty sure there are some very late 18th Century / early 19th Century ladies rolling in their graves at my yarn choice, the overly-long length of the ribbed cuff, and the educated decision I've made to slip the stitches on the gusset when I get there (because the pattern specifies to not and my interest in most things being historically accurate aside, messy gussets are a thing I cannot tolerate).  The yarn is a discontinued colorway of KnitPicks Stroll Handpainted Sock (called Spectrum, so hooray for rainbow socks).  Or, rather, I'm assuming it's discontinued, as it's no longer available on the site.  They might simply be out and will bring it back.  You never can actually tell with KnitPicks.  I mean, they've brought back Felici about ten times already or something - not that I'm remotely complaining.  I still have two balls of Rainbow hoarded away for the right moment.

I'm also considering making myself some 1655 Stockings in the near future, as well, because I am a sucker for 'translated' patterns from different times.

So that's been my last few days:  Antique sock patterns.  I'm still waiting on that intervention, really.


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